Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Share the Love Link Up: Love story

This is the last link up with Keeping up with the Cantelmo's and The Pink Ruffle!

Today is all about our love stories! I will give you the short version.

I met Grant when I was 18....he was 25 :) I was just out of high school and went to a church college group with my best friend and sister.  Grant greeted us and right away I thought he was so cute! Week after week I would see him and say "hi Grant!" and he would usually say "what's your name again?"
Soon, there was a connection though, but I didn't know how old he was.  I thought maybe 21 :) Once we figured out each others ages things changed a little.  I didn't mind he was 7 years older, but Grant coached soccer for 18 year olds and so he thought it was a little weird.  We continued to talk and hang out and soon the weirdness of age went away and we knew that it didn't matter.

We dated for 2 years which seemed like forever because I knew he was the one and just wanted to get married!

We got engaged on December 24, 2007
Took engagement photos a couple months later
Got married May 10, 2008

And the rest is history :)

I am soo thankful for a husband who puts my needs before his, loves me selflessly, strives to be a man of God and is pretty much the best dad in the world to our sweet Emrie. 

I can't wait to hear your stories!!


Stesha said...

I love you guys!!!!!


The Cantelmo Family said...

You guys are so cute!!! I always liked older guys and dated older guys too! Anthony is actually the youngest guy I've been with. Pretty funny. I think Grant is a great guy and uncle! You lucked out girl!

Her and the Boys said...

So very cute!

College Dating said...

The two of you are a perfect match made in heaven! I was really inspired reading every details of your love story. :) God bless you more in your endeavors together. I'm happy for the both of you.