Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

8 months

Yesterday Emrie turned 8 months! Where is time going? 
Yesterday is not how I expected celebrating her being 8 months
We flew to California on Wednesday for Thanksgiving.  On the plane I noticed Emrie kind of shivered. I really didn't think anything of it and just thought she was cold.
We got to Grant's moms house and Emrie did the weird shiver/twitch again. I started noticing it more and more the next 2 days.  I decided to call my pediatrician back home and explained what was happening and she told me to go to the ER right away.  Well instantly I started crying and felt helpless being in another state. 
We went to the closest ER and waited 2 hours and finally saw the dr. that could have easily been the janitor. Here is how our conversation went:

Dr: "so what are you here for?"
me: "Well, Emrie has started to do a wierd twitch/tremor sort of thing and it has become more frequent and so I called my pediatrician and she said to go to the ER right away"
Dr: "That's what every dr. says.  She looks healthy and great!"
me: "well the nurse was really concerned that it may be siezures.  Could it be?"
Dr. "oh yeah it totally could be, but I have a good feeling about this one."
me: "ok, thanks?"

Seriously, our conversation was 5 minutes and we were out of there.

It still didn't settle well with me.  

Yesterday, we were at the airport and Emrie continued to have these weird episodes and so Grant called a wonderful Dr. that is a family friend and who we went to India with who started the Pediatric Intensive Care unit at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  Grant explained to him what was going on and the Dr. wanted us to come to the hospital right when we got off the plane.  He admitted us over the phone so when we got to the hospital we would not have to fill out any paperwork and could go straight up to a room.

So many things were running through my head.  Grant and I both cried half of the flight home.  It was the unknown and my mind went to the worst.  And this is the little face that was staring back at me the whole time on the plane...

After I had Emrie, I remember one night while feeding her in her dark and quiet room praying.  I remember praying and handing Emrie's sweet life over to the Lord.

It was hard.  But I realized that she is not mine.  She is the Lords and I have been blessed that God chose me as her momma. His will is best not mine. He is in control.
I kept trying to remind myself of these truths.

Getting to the hospital and unloading in the ICU was surreal.  I felt like I was in a nightmare and it was never going to end.  The doctors and nurses consulted with us and asked us some things that had been going on.  They wanted to do a 24hr EEG to see if there was any seizure activity going on.  After explaining what was happening and having them see a few episodes, you could just see on their faces that they had an idea of what it was.

Having the best Dr. in the world taking care of Emrie gave me a little bit of peace and there were SOO many people praying.

The hardest part was having to hold my sweet little girl down while they put 24 electrodes on her head to monitor her brain activity.  That was the only time she cried and Grant and I just sobbed.

This sweet thing was just swooning the nurses and they all just loved her.  She was SOO happy and smiley to all of them.

About 2 hours after the monitoring began, we got a call from the Dr.  He described what was going on with Emrie.  The first thing he said was "praise the lord, she is not having seizures!!" My heart was so happy! He explained she was having something called "shudder attacks." No known reason for them and can be common in young children.  Looks like a shiver and only lasts for about 5 seconds.  Very benign and no lasting effects.  She could have it for a couple of years or less, but then it should just clear up on it's own.  He said he wanted to continue monitor through the night and then we would talk in the morning.

WOW! Praise the Lord.  We were overjoyed and could not believe it! all the signs pointed to a seizure, but the Lord was gracious and prayers were answered.

This morning we met with the dr. and he explained to us that what all the Drs, neurologist and nurses thought was going on, was much far worse than this.  He said all the signs pointed to something way more severe and "shudder attacks" never came to his mind. He was preparing to talk to us hours on end about the next step and what we were going to need to do. THAT right there made me praise God and know that prayer is truly POWERFUL!

We were discharged today and maybe have spoiled little miss Emrie a little more than usual with love.  She is such a blessing and the thought of anything being wrong broke my heart. What a joy she is and great example of a joyful spirit.  With everything she was hooked up to and being so confined, she still had the BIGGEST smile on her face. 

If only I could have the spirit of my sweet 8 month old!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Behind the scenes

The Pink Ruffle was featured on BelleChic! So fun and only 12 hrs left to get goodies half off!!

Here is a little "behind the scenes" about what The Pink Ruffle is all about that Belle Chic wrote :)

"Ashley Blunt at The Pink Ruffle is probably the nicest person you’ll ever encounter. At least that was my experience in working with her. After having her baby girl, Ashley was inspired to create one-of-a-kind headbands that were both comfortable and beautiful to wear. Unsatisfied with the price and selection in stores, she cut out pieces of felt, used elastic bands and added gorgeous buttons, giving birth to her small business, The Pink Ruffle.

Oh, So Lovely

handmade headbands
“My work is all about being unique and classy,” she says. “I want to make thing people have never seen before and [can] fall in love with.”

The Magic of Felt

"Ashley is dedicated to making quality items and uses specific materials tailored to fit comfortably and resist wear. ”I love working with felt, elastic, and fun buttons,” she says. “I choose felt because it is easily worn, does not fade and is so sturdy. I hand cut EVERYTHING. It takes time, but I believe that is what makes the headband so special.” We think The Pink Ruffle is pretty special too!"

I pray big for this little SHOP of mine. I know anything is possible and know God can do great things.

The sale ends at BelleChic tomorrow morning, BUT because it is Black Friday, why not give a discount! use BFRIDAY to get 25% off your entire order :) Lasts until midnight tomorrow!

Happy Shopping!  I will probably be going to some craft stores and that's it.  I don't think I want to brave the crowds!

And for all you Phoenicians, this Saturday the 26th we are having a Holiday Shoppe! You will find some AMAZING things.  Go HERE for more info :)


Happy Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for...

My first love

My second little pudgy love

My parents who brought me into this world and love me unconditionally

The siblings my sweet parents gave me to grow up with

What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm blank because....

LittleMissMomma came up with the best idea and it has been so fun to read and learn about fellow bloggers :) So I decided to join!

I'm weird because... (this list could go on and on)
I always forget to cut off tags on new shirts that I wear
I won't buy anything at full price
I LOVE could eat a whole jar in a day
I could listen to my favorite song all day 
I laugh at my own jokes even when no one else is laughing
I have my dad's sense of humor 
I would rather use dry shampoo on some days than actually wash my hair
I hate getting ready and blow drying my hair
I sleep with a big blanket and that's comforter or sheets for me
I bite my nails
I still have no sort of smart t-mobile phone right here with pretty much text and calls :)

I'm a bad friend because...
I don't check my voicemails often
I like to be at home rather than go out sometimes
I forget Birthdays
I try to please everyone

I'm a good friend because...
I treat any friend like family
I honestly care for each and every one and want to see them succeed
I love writing notes and cards
I love girls nights 
Giving gifts makes me happy
I am encouraging
I am open and love to listen 
I'm sad because...
There are too many people in this world hurting
I work and would rather be at home
When I think of my birth experience it's hard not to think of the bad
We had a dog for about a month and it REALLY was not a fan of me...scars to prove it (boy was he cute though)
I want everyone to know Jesus
Emrie will never meet Grant's dad
Emrie is growing up WAY too fast
looks cute, but wanted to eat me alive..literally
I'm happy because...
My husband is my best friend
I have the best family in the world
Jesus is my everything and I am saved by His Grace
We have a little bundle of joy named Emrie
I have been to a place that has changed me forever--India
Exciting things ahead for The Pink Ruffle

I'm excited for...
Visiting Grant's family in California
Eating A LOT of food
The Pink Ruffle and my dreams for it
Going back to India someday
When my sister has babies
Emrie to be able have a conversation with us
Having more kids

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving :)

Don't Forget to check out BelleChic and some great deals that The Pink Ruffle will have on there running Wednesday through Friday!


Tomorrow The Pink Ruffle will be on Belle Chic.

If you have wanted to buy a headband, now is the time!

There will be over 10 headbands that will be 50% off! 
Whoo hoo!!!!

Here are some that will be discount...

Do you follow sweet Ashley from The Shine Project? If not, go over there now! She was rocking this headband in this post yesterday and it will be also discount tomorrow on Belle Chic!

In other news, tomorrow we are leaving to go to Northern California for Thanksgiving!

Not excited about the plane experience with an almost 8 month old, but I am excited for her to be able to wear more of these cute hats :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give me faith....

Worship is one of my all time favorite things.

This song has beautiful words...

"Give me faith
to trust what you say,
that you're good
and your love is great.
I'm broken inside,
I give you my life"

 Sometimes I have a hard time really putting my full trust in God and this song is an awesome reminder

God's love is GREAT

God's spirit is STRONG

"My flesh may fail, but my God you never will"

Wow, what an awesome reminder!

Hope you all have a relaxing and refreshing Sunday :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

DIY Boutique Display: Day 2

We are finally to day 2! 

I am so smitten with all things glitter and lately have been into the glitter clips and felt bow clips.  I wanted to display them not only in those cute glass plates I did the last tutorial on here, but also on something that really catches the eye and shows them in all their glory! :)

Old frame (I bought mine at goodwill for $2)
Spray paint 
Hot Glue Gun

Start by spray painting the frame whatever color you choose...the theme of my booth is pink, grey and white tones, so I chose to go with white.

While waiting for the frame to dry, cut out fabric a little bigger than the backing that goes in the frame and hot glue to the back.

Pick the ribbon you want and how many pieces you want to go across the board. Space them out as equal as you can and hot glue them to the back so they are very tight!

Once the frame is dry put the cardboard in the frame and there you have it! 

A cute and CHEAP new way to display all your clips! If you aren't doing a boutique, this is still cute for a nursery or a baby shower gift for a mom having a little girl :)

There are so many fun and unique frames, so try to pick something that has character and if you have more than one on the table, choose a couple different sizes to mix things up!

Happy Crafting :)