Thursday, December 29, 2011


Baby shower for Emrie

My sister got married!

Emrie was born


First place ride to California for Grant's brothers wedding

Afternoon tea with my mom

4th of July

Emrie decided it was time to sit up on her own
Etsy sales started taking off!

Fun photo shoot for The Pink Ruffle Shop and Emrie turns 6 months!

Our little flower

Thanksgiving in California and a trip to the ICU when we returned


Christmas at my parents


The Cantelmo Family said...

Love these pictures. that is so funny, I literally am just writing a post like this and came to your blog to grab a link off of it. LOL :) Love you. Sorry my phone is dead so texts have been very short :) I'll see you tomorrow!!

Liz @ said...

What happened at Thanksgiving? Poor little baby.

Ashley Blunt said...

We thought she was having siezures, so they kept her overnight and did an EEG :( found out it was something called a shudder attack. Totally benign thank goodness!

Mrs. Mama said...

beautiful pictures! looks like you had amazing year!

Matt and Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness, so scary that you thought she was having seizures (my brother has Epilepsy...very scary). I used those same boxes when I send out my Etsy hair pieces!! So cute! Looks like a fabulous year!!

Erin said...

Seriously Emrie is adorable and you dress her beyond darling! :)

Katie said...

beautiful pictures!! you both are gorgeous! happy new year!

Holly said...

I did a post just like this too :)

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Cheers to 2012.

Kiri said...

I just found your blog...not sure how, but I love it! Your little girl is adorable and I love her name! Totally jealous of your hair, by the way!

Carrie said...

Just found you from the link Melanie put in her 2011 post about your birth story. Oh my goodness, I was in tears reading it! Thank goodness it all turned out well.

You and your family are completely adorable! New follower!!

Lisa @ MMT said...

Looks like an amazing year! You and your girl are so cute!

Rochelle said...

Your little girl Emerie is too cute! New follower visiting from Living in Yellow! :)