Wednesday, October 26, 2011

7 months

I wish I would have let you sleep on me more.  Now all you want to do is crawl everywhere and pull to stand on anything you can reach
You were only a little more than a month old when you went to your uncles wedding and I remember being so scared to fly with you and you were amazing and slept the whole time :)
You love to be outside and swing!
You want to be where all the action is, even if it includes laundry! You are one happy girl
The last 7 months have been the hardest yet most rewarding months of my life. You are such a blessing and I cannot believe that you are closer to being a year old than you are a newborn! 
      Currently you love:        
*pulling to stand
*sweet potatoes
*my cell phone
*walks in your stroller
*gerber puffs
*your fingers :)
Currently you are not too much of a fan of:
*car rides (you don't like to be strapped in)
*sitting still
*any green vegetables
*your naps
*having those darn teeth pop through


The Cantelmo Family said...

She is so cute!!!

theolivetree said...

adorable baby and adorable post :) mine loved the puffs too!

Andrea said...

What a cutie!! I just love baby girls!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

these are all just so adorable!! her hair is just killing me, so precious!
xo TJ

Frozen.Sunshine said...

Oh my, that is one happy little girl!!!
They grow up too fast, don't they?!


Liz @ The Blue Eyed Owl said...

She is so sweet! I would love to meet her ;)

Jamie - Snow In December said...

Ohhhhhh, I love that baby! So sweet!! Someday I want to meet her!

Erin said...

What a sweet post! Man..she already wants to help with the laundry....what a little sweetheart! ;)

Three's 4 Me said...

Hi Ashley! I'm just stopping in! Thank you so much for your sweet comment the other day! Anyway, that little baby girl is BEYOND adorable!! So precious! Talk to you soon!

Nikki@EverythingUndertheMoon said...

Awwww!! So many cute pics!! Newest follower stopping by from Follower Fest. Stop by and give us a visit some time :)


Karla said...

Oh me oh my.. can see be more adorable?!New follower from the Blog hop.. Just stopping by to say Ello :)