Friday, October 14, 2011

A little more.

Met my husband when I was 18 and knew I wanted to marry him! He didn't know that yet :) He is 7 years older. 2 years later we were married....
Last year we went to India with Medical Mercy and fell in love with the sweet kids!
Got back from India and 2 months later found out we were pregnant!
Had a gender reveal party and found out it was a girl!!!
Bump started growing :)
March 26th, our sweet Emrie was born! This is a post for another day, but it was one of the most sweet days and scariest days of our lives.  After bringing this life into the world, I almost lost mine.  It has changed who I am and brought me closer to our graceful Jesus!
Now Emrie is 6 months! Where has time gone?

There is a lot more in between, but this is a little glimpse of our little family over the past year :)


The Cantelmo Family said...

What a sweet post. Love you!

Jamie - Snow In December said...

You guys are so cute together!

Kelly said...

Ashley!!! i am so excited that you started your blog! can't wait to take this journey with you!

Ashley Blunt said...

Thanks ladies!
Kelly! Thanks so much! I am excited for the journey too!! :)

hannah singer said...

sweetness!! such a handsome family ;)

Ashley Blunt said...

Thanks Hannah :)

Turtle said...

I'm a new follower but thought this was cute-- my husband is also seven years older and I met him the night I turned 18! :) It took us four years to marry though... haha

Ashley Blunt said...

How fun that your husband is 7 years older and you met him at 18...crazy :) I am surprised it didn't take longer to marry for us! lol But he got over the age thing quicker than expected :)