Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm blank because....

LittleMissMomma came up with the best idea and it has been so fun to read and learn about fellow bloggers :) So I decided to join!

I'm weird because... (this list could go on and on)
I always forget to cut off tags on new shirts that I wear
I won't buy anything at full price
I LOVE pickles...like could eat a whole jar in a day
I could listen to my favorite song all day 
I laugh at my own jokes even when no one else is laughing
I have my dad's sense of humor 
I would rather use dry shampoo on some days than actually wash my hair
I hate getting ready and blow drying my hair
I sleep with a big blanket and that's it...no comforter or sheets for me
I bite my nails
I still have no sort of smart phone...cheap t-mobile phone right here with pretty much text and calls :)

I'm a bad friend because...
I don't check my voicemails often
I like to be at home rather than go out sometimes
I forget Birthdays
I try to please everyone

I'm a good friend because...
I treat any friend like family
I honestly care for each and every one and want to see them succeed
I love writing notes and cards
I love girls nights 
Giving gifts makes me happy
I am encouraging
I am open and love to listen 
I'm sad because...
There are too many people in this world hurting
I work and would rather be at home
When I think of my birth experience it's hard not to think of the bad
We had a dog for about a month and it REALLY was not a fan of me...scars to prove it (boy was he cute though)
I want everyone to know Jesus
Emrie will never meet Grant's dad
Emrie is growing up WAY too fast
looks cute, but wanted to eat me alive..literally
I'm happy because...
My husband is my best friend
I have the best family in the world
Jesus is my everything and I am saved by His Grace
We have a little bundle of joy named Emrie
I have been to a place that has changed me forever--India
Exciting things ahead for The Pink Ruffle

I'm excited for...
Visiting Grant's family in California
Eating A LOT of food
The Pink Ruffle and my dreams for it
Going back to India someday
When my sister has babies
Emrie to be able have a conversation with us
Having more kids

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving :)

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Jamie - Snow In December said...

We have so many strange things in common! The sleeping with a blanket only thing, the not checking voice mail and forgetting b-days thing (bad!), and I, too, laugh at my own jokes, forget to cut off the tags, and hate getting ready and blow drying my hair. I even hate showering... lol. Such a waste of time! ;0)

Love ya girl! I still haven't sent your letter! Forgive me please? I will send it tomorrow, pinky swear. And it will be in your mail box waiting for you when you get home!

The Cantelmo Family said...

I love pickles too! YUM

Erin said...

Yay I love this post! :) I had so much fun writing mine! I love pickles too! It's exhausting trying to please everyone....I am the same way. I have been trying to handle this better and realize that i can only do so much! You sound like a wonderful friend!

theolivetree said...

I need to do this post! I dread blow drying my hair in the winter...I too do NOT have smart phone...I would lose it or break it...lol. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!