Saturday, November 19, 2011

DIY Boutique Display: Day 2

We are finally to day 2! 

I am so smitten with all things glitter and lately have been into the glitter clips and felt bow clips.  I wanted to display them not only in those cute glass plates I did the last tutorial on here, but also on something that really catches the eye and shows them in all their glory! :)

Old frame (I bought mine at goodwill for $2)
Spray paint 
Hot Glue Gun

Start by spray painting the frame whatever color you choose...the theme of my booth is pink, grey and white tones, so I chose to go with white.

While waiting for the frame to dry, cut out fabric a little bigger than the backing that goes in the frame and hot glue to the back.

Pick the ribbon you want and how many pieces you want to go across the board. Space them out as equal as you can and hot glue them to the back so they are very tight!

Once the frame is dry put the cardboard in the frame and there you have it! 

A cute and CHEAP new way to display all your clips! If you aren't doing a boutique, this is still cute for a nursery or a baby shower gift for a mom having a little girl :)

There are so many fun and unique frames, so try to pick something that has character and if you have more than one on the table, choose a couple different sizes to mix things up!

Happy Crafting :)


The Cantelmo Family said...

Love it! I am going to try and make one to hang in either the girls bathroom or in their room. Their bows take up the entire two drawers in their bathroom and my drawers in my bathroom! It's crazy! Plus we have two tubs of bows! LOL. Sometime I need you to show me the other one too because I think we can hang their head bands on those too. It'd be cute! Great tutorial!!

Erin said...

all of your stuff is just so darling...just like you!