Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I have been tagged by Carly and Katie to answer 11 questions about myself.  The rules of the little game are to give 11 facts about your self and then answer the questions.  Since there are 2 sets, I am just going to answer those and save you from a REALLY long post :)

Let's start with Katie's questions...
1. What is your favorite food? This is hard, but I would have to say Mexican or sushi!
2. Would you rather not be able to taste anything or not hear anything? I would rather not be able to taste! I love hearing Emrie babble and wouldn't trade it for anything!
3. What's your favorite song? Right now that would have to be "Where I belong" by Building 429
4. What did you want to be when you were little? A fashion designer...wedding dresses to be exact lol
5. What's your favorite holiday and why? Christmas! I love all the cheer, decorations and time with family
7. How do you eat oreos? Grant usually eats them all before I get to them, but open them up eat the middle first and then eat the cookie part
8. How do most people spell your name? Ashley (pretty common name)
9. What is one of your biggest pet peeves? Hm...most things don't bother me, but slow drivers?
10. Besides a house or a car, what is the most expensive thing you have bought? This is a tough one because I really am pretty frugal, but maybe Emrie's BOB stroller? I have to think about that one
11. What's your dream car? Range rover hands down

Now for Carly's questions...
1. What was your first car? Mitsubishi Lancer
2. Where have you traveled to? Israel, Mexico, India, California, Washington, Texas, and Virginia (might be missing one, but I think that's it)
3. What color looks best on you? Hm...brighter colors maybe?
5. Do you prefer the mountains or the beach? Beach all the way...Grant would prefer the mountains :)
6. Are you a night owl or morning person? Night owl for sure, but wish I was more of a morning person
7. What is your biggest passion in life? Jesus is my biggest passion then family and serving others
8. What is your favorite drink? Diet coke a little too much
9. What was your favorite Christmas gift this year? Video camera from my parents
10. What is your greatest weakness? I am a huge people pleaser
11. What is your greatest strength? I am passionate and love to encourage and listen

Are you still here? :) If you are then tag you are it :) I would love to hear how you answer these questions! I am probably supposed to tag some people, but anyone who wants to join, answer some of the above questions :) 

Oh yeah and go say hi to Carly and Katie as well and thank them for some cool questions! :)

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Erin said...

I would so pick hearing and do away with taste...I do love food...but not being able to hear the people in my life and listen to music...that would be torture! Wow! Israel and India?! That is so awesome! I would definitely say that you have that strength!